On-Page SEO Fundamentals are Critical To Success

Search engine based traffic is incredibly valuable primarily because it is targeted and doesn't cost anything. There are all sorts of things that will factor into the success of your SEO efforts but before you spend all sorts of time on link building and things to do off the page, focus on your on page SEO factors. So what is "on page" SEO? All it is is the optimization work that you do on your own webpage. This is everything from the content you create to the keywords that you have chosen--they are all part of on page SEO. The real purpose of this article is to show you exactly what you need to do to make the on page SEO work to your advantage.

You can add a little more horsepower to your SEO when your URL, or domain name, contains the site's main keywords. Search engines pay more attention when you've got the keyword in the domain name; however, you don't have to make your domain name too long for this purpose. If you cannot find the name you want, then chances are you can place an extra letter or maybe two at the end if you really want that name. If you do something such as placing a word at the end, then that will change the way Google reads it.

When you are working with blogs, then the permalinks will automatically be set according the default of custom. You want to give your site and pages the best chance they have to rank highly, and the file name will be counted. Your visitors are the ones who will be checking out your URLs, so it is just a good idea to make the most of them. So you know that there is a fine line between going all out for the search spiders as opposed to the visitor. Your Wordpress panel will have a little tab where you can structure your permalinks the way you want them.

As far as placing the, nofollow, operator in your links, that is up to you and people have opinions on it. But still it is the newer marketers who will generally be unaware of this practice. Whether you have a static site or blog, taking care of this linking feature is very easy to do, so do not worry about that. You can preserve as much link power and page rank get more info as possible when you understand this better. You'll be at a much better position SEO wise.

On page SEO is really very easy to master, and you will have it down once you have done it a few times. There are building blocks that you have to follow once you get them in your head, but they are pretty clearly laid out already. There are a lot of data that search engines take into consideration, and just strive for a satisfying user experience and you will be fine.

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